During the DP watch, while our vessel was engaged in geotechnical drilling operations off the New York coast, we had a chat with Oskar about his life at sea.


Q: Why did you decide to become a seafarer?

A: Living in a seaside city, Gdynia, Poland, made it easy, since the Maritime University was probably the closest one. I knew few people studying there. Also, after not much of a digging, I realised that I could make a fair amount of money working at sea and isn't it the reason why we go to work in general?


Q: Was it a smooth ride throughout your education?

A: Hell no! Especially when you were trying to pull off the childhood dream career with the music project at the same time. I took a break around the second year of my education and worked in the show business industry for a while, but at some point I decided to get going with what I started in the first place. That's when something just clicked and suddenly I became more interested in the whole maritime thing. The music project was still around, but became more like a hobby.


Q: Do you enjoy working offshore? 

A: Short contracts and variety of interesting operations fit me well. I am lucky enough to have worked on various types of vessels. From diving and ROV operations, through a floating gas plant to geotechnical drilling.


Q: What about the life at home? Do you find it difficult to build a strong relationship with this job? 

A: Actually I don’t. My relationship is the best thing that ever happened to me. My girlfriend also works in the maritime industry. In our case we understand each other perfectly and the way it works with the life at sea. We spend lots of time together when we're at home and that's what works best for us.


Q: What do you want to achieve working at sea?

A: Absolute maximum. Work is in progress on becoming an offshore rockstar...



Seva Skrypa