This time, since we were both working at sea in different parts of the world, we had an online chat with Kateryna.


Q: How did you start your career on passenger ships? 

A: I’ve started as a 3rd Officer at Celebrity Cruises, having accomplished my cadetship on container ships before that. The celebrity cruises vacancy was very unexpected - I applied via the internet, not hoping much to be noticed, but I eventually was hired.


Q: How’s life on passenger ships?

A: Depends on the company. I’ve had four months on and two months off contracts at Celebrity and three on/off at Lindblad expeditions and Mystic Cruises. The food is excellent, of course. There is also an option to visit restaurants for passengers. Communication is a part of the job - some people try to avoid it sometimes, but I always find it interesting, to be honest.


Q: How do you like voyages to the Arctic? 

A: Now is my first season in the Arctic, and in 2021 was my first season in Antarctica. It’s a magnificent experience, and I wish everyone to visit these areas of the planet.


Q: Is it hard for you to work in the maritime industry being a woman? 

A: In the beginning, it wasn't easy to find an apprenticeship. Nowadays, it’s becoming easier for younger generations, and I am happy to see that. Workwise I hardly encountered difficulties.


Q: What do you think helped you to get to your current position? Is it more hard work or luck? 

A: Of course, hard work and an ability to have eyes open for opportunities. I think these two are very important in a seafarer’s career.


Q: What are your hobbies?

A: I sometimes draw and also enjoy various water sports. On board, I mostly run and go to the gym, but it’s more of a habit based on a necessity rather than a hobby.


Q: Do you think it's challenging to build a strong relationship working at sea?

A: It is not easy, for sure - but not impossible. One significant advantage of passenger ships is the option of family travel - this also exists on cargo ships but is much easier to organize on a cruise ship. There are many examples of successful seafarer relationships, and I hope to be such an example someday.


Kateryna, I appreciate you sharing your sea career story and hope it will encourage more women to join this profession. Also, thanks for becoming an ambassador of Worldwide Nation. We look forward to our partnership and hope it will entertain people working on ships.

Seva Skrypa