Worldwide Nation


We're based in Portugal

Homeland of the pioneers of navigation and maritime exploration.

Chief officer standing on deck of offshore vessel. Wearing hard hat and overall. Worldwide Nation logo sticker on his hard hat. Overall has reflective tripes. Wearing Scandia safety googles

About us

The Company was founded by a Navigation Officer who has spent years of his career exploring the world and the oceans around it.

Working in a multicultural canvas and seeing the diversity of nations from close quarters, he realised how united people can be when the goals are similar. This insight led to the motivation of bringing people together, those who share common passion and values.

Finally, he decided to create his brand of sustainable apparel, which would showcase this aim and make the onboard life of seafarers more comfortable.

Created for crew comfort

Practical and hard-wearing clothes adapted to the task of making the onboard life of seafarers more comfortable.